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Phona: call center in Tunisia

Welcome Phona, your telemarketing partner.
We change your vision about contact centers.

Our partners

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  • centre relation client

    Total flexibility

    With our current positions 100 and 100 being deployed, we are in the SME category, which allows us to manage large Commes small operations ..
  • telemarketing Tunisie

    Suitable schedules

    We adapt our schedule according to your needs and according to the reachability of your targets. Thus we can work 24/7, and we can manage operation in Europe and Canada simultanément.
  • televente Tunisie

    Technical means

    We have two types of connection (LLI and Fiber Optic) and a backup solution in extérieus DataCenters. Our PCs are Dual Core Windows 7 complete edition.


  • emission appels Tunisie
    Making calls.
    Making appointments, telesales, traffic building, polls and surveys, project detection, information campaigns, customer loyalty ...
  • réception appel Tunisie
    Receiving calls .
    Technical support, customer service, management agendas, taking orders, service complaints, information center ...
  • emailing Tunisie
    Promotional mailing campaigns, information, Measuring fame with statistics of receiving and reading rate ...
  • saisie données Tunisie
    Data entry
    Data entry computerized and non-computerized, moderating messages / ads on internet / forum...

Tunisia call center
With the aim of providing a quality service, our call center PHONA Tunisia offers powerful speakers, experienced for a service that meets all your expectations.

Indeed, our call center offshore Tunisia guarantees several commitments to its customers: data security, continuous availability and modern infrastructure. The mission of our call center PHONA Tunisia is to build an answer to the problems of all our customers as winning new clients, former clients and reclaiming existing customer loyalty.

Call center Tunisia
Tunisia allows our call center to handle the distance relationship between a brand and its market. Indeed, our call center PHONA Tunisia offers an immediate and full support of your telesales operations in Tunisia. Thus, our Tunisian call center offers various services such as: Reception and outgoing calls, Telesales, Appointment Making, Survey, Emailing and others. As well, our call center Tunisia ISO 9001 benefitted customers a strong customer focus, motivation and commitment of management.

Certified Call Center iso 9001 Tunisia
Because the principle of the ISO 9001 support our contact center Tunisia ISO 9001 certification to ensure that our customers conquer uniform products and services and great value, our call center certified ISO 9001 PHONA Tunisia continues to grow.

To be constantly in tune with the demands of our customers, the principle of the ISO 9001 certification helps our contact center Tunisia ISO 9001 to ensure that our customers get consistent products and services of high quality, follows traitsprincipales for internal and external audits of Management Systems, quality and well-defined tools for the quality of our service continues to grow and meet the most demanding needs and expectations of our clients.Ainsi our contact center Tunisia ISO 9001 offers high process approach and continuous improvement.

In order to obtain more detailed information on all our services, please contact our contact center Tunisia PHONA ISO 9001 certified, Just call 71 90 08. 85